PlayStation® All-Stars Battle Royale Sweet Tooth VS

PlayStation® All-Stars Battle Royale Sweet Tooth VS. Kratos Rival Cutscene


Sweet Tooth was going to be in Mortal Kombat (2011) but was replaced by Kratos from God of War. Sweet Tooth (otherwise know as Needles Kane) is Twisted Metal's trademark character, notable for his flaming head, and has appeared in every Twisted Metal game to-date, driving the Sweet Tooth. He has had many different looks, the first of which he has green hair and face paint, then he transitioned to the trademark flaming hair. He then proceeded to wear a mask strapped onto his face, which first appeared in Twisted Metal: Black.


The most iconic thing about Sweet Tooth is his mask that resembles a clown and is smiling mask. Also, his head is on fire like Scorpion. He wears black gloves, white and pink polka-dotted pants, black boots and a ragged sword that he always carries.


Sweet Tooth is very powerful, being able to take on the Helghast from Killzone, Big Daddies from Bioshock and is even rivals with the God of War, Kratos. He uses his sword a lot however he also uses his fists, a flaming chainsaw, land mines, pistols, shotguns, SMGs and rocket launchers. He can also use TNT, remote controlled nukes and his car, the Sweet Tooth. He also has Molotov cocktails. He even found out how to breath fire and know how to hold fire for a short amount of time.

Special movesEdit

  • Pistol. Down, toward, low punch: He shoots his pistol similar to that of The Joker.
  • Shotgun. Down, toward, high punch: He shoots his shotgun.
  • Chainsaw Spin. Down, back, high punch: He spins around spinning his chainsaw like Kung Lao.
  • Mines. Toward, toward, low punch: He throws a mine at his opponent like The Jokers pie throw.
  • Sub-Machine Gun. Back, toward, low punch: He shoots his SMG like Strykers enhanced pistol move.
  • Rocket Launcher. Back, toward, high punch: He shoots his rocket launcher at the ground in front od him like Solid Snake from Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
  • TNT. Down, back, low punch He throws TNT like Stryker.
  • Fire Breather. Toward, toward, high kick: He breaths fire.
  • Throw. Throw forward: He stabs his opponent then kicks him forward.
  • Throw. Throw backward: He stabs his opponent then he stabs his sword into the ground be hide him.
  • X-Ray. X-Ray move: He stabs his opponent then takes his sword out of his opponent and head-butts them, breaking their skull. The he snaps his opponent neck.


  • Blast off: He calls in his car in be hide his opponent. The opponent turns around in confusion then they look back at Sweet Tooth and he stabs his opponent into the car. He then straps a bomb to their chest and then Sweet Tooth walks away then the opponent explodes. Down, down, toward, down low punch.
  • Taste the Tooth: He calls in his car and gets in. It then changes into a mode called Sweet Bot. He then stabs his opponent into the spikes on the front of his car as they scream in pain. Sweet Tooth then looks at the camera and shoots it with his mini gun. Toward, toward, down toward, high punch.

Other FatalitiesEdit

  • Stage Fatality: Varieties. Toward, toward, down, high punch.
  • Babality: Sweet Tooth covers his eyes, yells "Boo!" and then laughs at the player. Down, back, toward, high punch.