Real Name
Hitoshi Izanagi
1030 ; Appears 30
Emberdinian; Pyromancer
Fighting Styles
Tiger style, Mou tai,
Hiesen clan, newly reformed linkuei clan,

"In the shadows we lie, bringing justice to the forsaken."

A Pyromancer born in the realm of Emberdenia, Flame had grown up from a reckless young man into the Grand-Master of The Hiesen Clan helping and protecting Earthrealm from the evil forces of the unknown. He was married to an Edenian General by the name of Jade who served under the ruler of out world Shao Kahn, learning of her death, Flame had decided to join the 10th Mortal-Kombat Tournament with the hope of reclaiming her soul from "The Demon Sorcerer Quan-Chi."



Flame in Mortal Kombat Armageddon.

Flame stands about 6ft, 1in


Hot-Tempered, Very passionate, Strong outgoing leader, Rewarding, Caring, Respectful, Self-sacrifice


Original TimelineEdit

Before Mortal Kombat 1 - Mortal Kombat: ArmageddonEdit

As a young boy, Hitoshi Izanaga had a kind heart, he loved to help others and he love to defend his friends, as a young Emberdinian teenage prince, he had many duties which he hated, because he wanted to be with friends and to live a carefree life, till one day the young teenager's realm was attacked by the forces of Shao Kahn emperor of out-world. Leaving the realm in ruins which led to the death of both mother and father. Hitoshi appeared in earth-realm  wondering a mysterious portal which had led him to a mysterious forest which he for years lived there hunting for food and learning to survive, after 5 years the young teenage boy had become an excellent hunter due to the fact of his pyromancer powers. Hitoshi,later was captured by a mysterious group of ninjas known as the tengu. By this time the Lin-kuei and tengu had not made a peace treaty and where enemies.

Hitoshi later woke up gaining the strength to use his pyromancer powers to break free of the metal chains that bound him towards the wall of the prison, as he tried to fight his way out defeating to guards and yet being taken down afterwards the Lin-kuei warriors who had spotted the young man, headed to their clan speaking of the young boy with pyromancer abilities, seeing that this young man could benefit the Lin-kuei with the right training the Grandmaster sent Sub-zero (Bi-Han) to recover the boy though sub-zero was no happy with this concept he obeyed and free the young man and offered a spot in the Lin-kuei ninja clan of assassins. Hitoshi accepted this offer knowing they would have food and clothing for him, after a few years Hitoshi had become a great assassin worthy of the name Ignatius, he had earn his color and name for the past years of hard training. Thus he had befriended two ninja of the Lin-kuei one was named Tundra and the other Smoke.

A former Lin-kuei who left because of corruption in the clan which turned warriors into cybernetic ninjas, Flame wondered about in Earth realm, and out world looking for warriors who would join him, and fight for the cause and protection of Earth realm. Flame during the years met many great warriors who he had helped. The first was Reptilian another survivor of Zaterra who had been laying in the ground helplessly for hours without any arms. Flame took the responsibility to offer the stranger help by sending him to Earth realm from a nearby portal, allowing the Special Forces to build cybernetic arms for the young zaterran, grateful for his help Reptilian joined Flame as one of his most loyal men.

Request flame by bilcassonato-d6em7hx

Flame Concept by bilcassonato

Many years had passed, one day the young pyromancer had found himself searching the old Lin-kuei Temple for unknown reasons, the temple seemed lifeless and abandoned but suddenly a mysterious warrior of ice appeared before Him. The two engaged in kombat sharing blows for blows would later stand facing one another as a memory from the past would pass by the young pyromancers subconscious asked curiously if the warrior’s name was Tundra. The mysterious warrior shocked to be asked such a question demanded to know who the young pyromancer was. Replying his name the warrior replied with a shocked appearance that could only be seen by the gesture of his eyes, that this young pyromancer was his old friend Ignatius. 

Hours passed as the two friends had reunited telling each other what has happened during the years that flame was gone, shocked to learn that Tundra who was now the new Sub-Zero had become Grandmaster of the Lin-kuei Clan. The two then formed an alliance between each others clan that no many agreed to but still obeyed. Ten years had passed where flame had met a green ninja with beautiful chocolate textured skin as he called it. They eventually fell in love and had become husband and wife, the one served under the emperor Shao Kahn, secretly helping the Earth realm warriors behind the emperor Shao Kahn a year has passed as the current mortal kombat tournament took place the Hiesen Clan could not take part for they had a been fighting the forces of Out world who tried desperately to take over Earth-realm, they yet remained hope that the Earth-realm warriors would win.

Current Timeline:Edit

Mortal Kombat (2011)Edit

The many alternations of the timeline, resulted in a paradox where the tournament of Armageddon never took place. The Lin-Kuei had given their loyalty to Shao Kahn, for their service thus capturing Sub-Zero and turning him in a cybernetic machine. Flame had left the Lin-kuei in the same manor as before figuring his clan had become evil and corrupt; Flame had begun his search for knowledge around the realms finding warriors who would later become the 4 Guardians of slowly formed Heisen Clan. Flame had found Jade in a kind of similar way, yet he could not be part of this tournament busy helping the other warriors fight the forces of Outworld which had appeared in different parts of the world.

Mortal Kombat XEdit


"It's been years and I find myself.. to be stuck in the same place with no.. hope it seems... to bring my beloved back from the grave.. this belt is all i have of her... I hear... rumors.. that the thunder god.. Raiden.. is looking for warriors for what seems.. to be the new Mortal Kombat tournament.. maybe.. the answers I seek maybe found there.. so I will join this 10th tournament in hopes of finding a way to revive my beloved jade.. so here I go.. ready FIGHT!!!"

Variations Edit

Ignatius -

Telekinetic -

Smoker - Gives Flame, a smoke like aura and the

Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Tiger Style Pose

Fighting Style: Kung-fu Tiger-Style

Weapon: Flame Bringer- a black steel hilt katana with several holes on the hilt part of the sword. The sword's blade is a chrome like color which tends to turn into a flame like color when Flame decides to unleash its power through the use of his own.

Pyromancy: Being born with the power over heat and fire, flame seems to focus more on the use of his pyromancy to burn, heat, slice or melt opponents. Though as a child he was adopted by the lin kuei like many others for the gift of his pyromancy to help him control and utilize his fire like powers, to be used for the lin kuei who he once called family.

Telekinesis: After helping the being, named ermac the fusion of many dead warrior souls, ermac gifted him with the art of telekinesis.

Smoke Physiology: Part of being a pyromancer, advanced users can produce and control it as a part of themselves.

Signature MovesEdit

Flames fire attack

Tiger Flame Blast as seen in MKA.

  • Tiger Flame blast: A Technique where Flame concentrates his fire powers into his hands shooting out a opened mouth angry tiger face like projectile out of his hands.
    • The Enhanced version is known as Heat Wave. It allows flame to concentrate his fire into a burst of heat waves, which light the opponent of fire if contact is made.
      Sky kick

      Deception kick as seen in MKA.

  • Deception Kick: A kick where Flame teleports above the opponent as he aims to kick down towards any part of the top portion of the body, most likely face, chest or head. (MK3, MKA, MK 2011)
    Flame rolling upper cut

    Flaming Rising uppercut as seen in MKA.

  • Flaming Rising Uppercut: A move where flame would usually either light his fist on fire and thrusting it up towards the air into an uppercut. (MK3, MKA, MKVKI, Mk 2011)
    • The Enhanced version is known as Rolling Uppercut. (Name says it all.)
  • Telekinetic Slam: A move where Flame concentrates his telekinetic energy into his hand and lifts the person with a simple up gesture of both hands or arms slamming them into the ground. (MK3, MKVKI, Mk 2011)
  • Telekinetic Lift: where with a simple lift of the hand is enough to just levitate an opponent into the air for a couple seconds, long enough to uppercut them. (MK3 Only)
    Mind warp

    Mind Warp as seen in MKA.

  • Mind Warp: A telekinetic teleportation technique, where Flame would usually place his two finger on the side of his head near the temples concentrating his orange telekinetic energy, warping close or behind his opponent. (MKA)
  • Flame Away/Flame Towards: Flame breaks down the molecules of his body turning into a cloud of heat and dashes forwards or backwards. Similar to smoke's smoke towards and away. (MKVKI, Mk 2011, MKX)
    • The Enhanced version is known as Ember Dash. Flame turns into a cloud of fiery ember and dashes forwards or backwards. (Mk 2011,MKX)
  • Telekinetic Forth Bring: (Mk3)
  • Telekinetic Boost: The ability to use telekinesis to enhance strength, speed, durability, agility, reflexes, stamina and fighting skills to superhuman levels.
  • Uprising: The ability to use telekinesis to manifest Flame Bringer, slicing upwards.
    • The Enhanced version is Flame Uprising which allows flame to flip to uppercut slice up into the air before flipping backwards back towards his feet.


Telekinetic Throw: A move where Flame grabs the opponent kicking him/her with his right leg launching them forward concentrating his telekinetic powers to bring the opponent towards himself with the gesture of making his right arm move towards his own chest then elbowing the opponent away.

X-Ray Move - Chest Cavity: Flame grabs the opponent's left arm, twisting the opponent's wrist breaking his/her arm followed by pulling his right fist back; Which then lights on fire thrusting it into the opponents chest while turning his fist towards the left, which in return launches the opponent back a couple feet while spinning that same direction breaking all center bones of his opponents chest. (Mk 2011) 



  • Flame on: Flame would stand in-front of the opponent in stance where his left fist, arm are pointing towards the opponents direct about 2 to 3 feet away, having concentrated enough fire into his right hand he would then slide forward while thrusting his right hand fingers first into the center of the chest of his opponent allowing his flames to enter the opponents body lighting them on fire till they become a skeleton letting the opponent's skeleton fall on the floor breaking into pieces.
  • Flaming burst: A move where Flame grabs the opponent by the throat and lights them on fire, turning them into a skeleton. (Mk 2011)
    • Mk3-Flamming burst: A fatality in mortal Kombat 3 where flame grabs the opponent by the throat, making flames glow around the body and blowing them into pieces. (MK3)

Character RelationshipsEdit


Sub-Zero(Tundra): Tundra is like a brother to Flame they have been through many battles and missions together watching and protecting each-other like brothers would, seeing him after so many years and learning that he too had become a grand master really surprised and shocked Flame.

Jade: The Child hood friend of Princess Kitana. Jade at the time worked for Shao Kahn, while secretly helping the Earthrealm warriors after, encountering the mysterious Pyromancer ninja Flame. During their countless fighting it some how became some sort of romance as the ninja fell deeply inlove with Jade and eventually asked her hand in marriage. Jade soul is later taken by Quan-Chi as the result of her death by Sindel.

Raiden: Though Flame does not align himself with fake gods.. he joins the fight at raidens side for his own personal reasons and for the survival of earthrealm.

Smoke: Tomas is like a brother to Flame much like Kuang Liang, they where trained by the lin kuei from a very young age they went in countless missions together till the day Flame parted ways. Smoke and Flame even created this little catch phrase once in the lin kuei.

Reptilian: In the ground almost near to dead Flame generously help the warrior sending him to the earth forces where they helped created his new cybernetic arms. Since then Reptilian has given Flame his out most loyalty and respect becoming his right hand clan general.


Quan chi: The sorcerer who took Jade's soul and corupted it, the Netherrealm. Quan chi is Flame's sworn enemy.

Shao Kahn: The destroyer and Conquered of Flame's realm Emberdinia.

Reptile: One ofShao Kahn's lackeys, who helped with the destruction of Flame's home world Emberdinia.

Dagger: Created by Shang-Tsung, from the blood of scorpion and Tarkatan blood.

Noob: Wraith of the Netherrealm who helped in the death of Flame's best-friend Sub-Zero(tundra).

Liu kang: A monk with an attitude, hearing upon his action to disobey a direct command from the guardian of Earthrealm known as Raiden, Liu kang later then became flames enemy.

Sindel: The Queen of Edenia who was resurrected by the sorcerer Quan chi, who corrupted her soul as well making her kill her own Daughter and General Jade.


  • "Deception, is but a lie in the truth of man."
  • "If I told you that i was proud of you and that you've gotten stronger what would you say? Don't think of me as just a leader but as a teacher and a friend."
  • Vs or in Team with smoke: "Smoke always follows the flame."


  • Flame was originally a red colored ninja, but was later changed due to a couple reasons. One was because he looked similar to Ermac and another was because an artist accidentally colored him orange when making a commission of him.